Friday, February 27, 2009

James-the underwater boy!

James' swim coach had an underwater camera! Doesn't he look like he is having fun!!

A few more Aristocat photo's

Andrew with some of the cast!!
Lecturing O'Malley, the alley cat!

Trying not to laugh???

The Aristocats

Here is a sneak peek at Andrew's school play. It opens tonight!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Ape Cave



Last saturday Blake, James and Andrew went down to Oregon near Mt. Saint Helens to the Ape Caves. They are some underground volcanic ice flows that you can hike through and in. Andrew said that when they all turned off their lights you couldn't see your hand in front of your face, pretty cool!! They had fun with the scout troop!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Erik's Hump Day!

Today, Friday, February 13th, 2009 is Erik's Hump Day! He has been in the mission field for one year!!! Congratulations Elder Hill!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

James is going to State!!!!

Today was the Solo-Ensemble contest for choir and James participated in 5 different groups. He sang in a large men's group, two large mixed groups, a quartet and a duet. And he qualified for the state level in the duet. He and Zander Martin are going to Ellensburg on the 24th of April to compete against other small men's groups from around the state. They sang a song in German and the judge complimented them on their pronunciation, she was surprised when they both said they didn't speak any German. He was very excited and we, of course, were very proud of him. When he called Jacki to tell her, he said "I guess we are just keeping up the tradition of going to State." (she in track, he in singing) I personally think it is wonderful, because singing and choir was my life in high school and finally I have a child experiencing a little bit of what I did. (though I never even participated in any solo-ensemble competitions and the only solo I sang in high school was absolutely wretched!) Anyway, I don't have any pictures to post, (I forgot the camera at home), but just wanted to record James' win and remind him how proud we are of him.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jacki's Race - January 31, 09

Here is Jacki in the 400, she took 1st in her heat. You really can't see her at the beginning, she is down in the blocks behind the track officials. But you will recognize her when she jumps up, she is really white. hehe!! Typically a 400 is one lap around the track, but this is a small track, so she has to take two laps. It has been a learning experience for her, as she has to figure out how to pace herself and finish strong. I, of course, continue to be amazed with her ability as it is not something I could do. Oh and you have to watch for a few seconds before the race begins, sorry!

Pullman here we come!

We went to Pullman to watch Jacki run in her first college track meet. (actually her second, but our first) We had a great time meeting some of her team mates and watching them all participate. This is "The Bubble" where the indoor track meets are held. It is a pressurized tent, and there is a double set of doors. You have to go in one and let it shut completely before you come through the next one and your ears pop everytime. It was actually pretty warm inside, though it was nice and cold in Pullman.

Jacki ran the 200 and the 400 and did pretty good. I took some video I am going to try to post next.

We spent two nights there and the kids had fun hanging out together. James and Andrew actually spent the night with Jacki in her dorm. It isn't Co-Ed, but she could have "visitors", so since her room mate stayed with her parents at their hotel, the boys got to hang out with Jacki and some of her team mates. (They did come back to the hotel to shower in the morning, we had to draw the line somewhere.) We attended church with Jacki on Sunday before heading back to Bremerton. It was fun to see Jacki in her school enviroment and to see her having so much fun. We miss her at home, but love knowing that she is happy where she is.