Thursday, May 21, 2009


On the day you were born, you were automatically loved by your brothers, sister, Mom and Dad, and  we have found that everyone who comes in contact with you, loves you....even teenage girls.  (Which still happens to be the case!!)

But then again, how can anyone resist such charm and good looks?  
We love you Andrew and are so grateful you came to our family, to keep us on our toes and constantly entertained.  THANKS!!  


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nathan's Japan Trip

Nathan had the opportunity to go back to Japan, mostly to visit people from his mission, but also to see parts of the country he couldn't see while serving his mission.  He was there for 3 weeks and had a blast, and is already making plans to return again, this time to hike and camp.  

Here he is with the Bishop and his family from Hakodate, he served here for almost a year. (beginning, middle and end of his mission)

Here is is old mission bike, he gave it to a new convert who still uses it.

In front of the Tokyo temple with his mission President and Dad.
With an old companion, Elder Yagi.
At Hiroshima

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Solo & Ensemble Competition for Andrew

On Saturday, Andrew participated in the Middle School Solo and Ensemble Competition.  Here is a little snippet of his performance.  I always love to hear him sing, so it is hard for me to play for him also, as I usually get a little emotional, I think I did well too!  

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today was my LAST day of school! hurray :) My freshman year of college is now officially over....crazy. I am now a sophomore! I cant quite beleive it. I definately grew alot this year. Here are some of the things i learned.....

1. I learned how to feed my self. I learned what foods are BAD for college students, and what foods are GOOD, like pizza :)

2. I learned good hygene. I'm now PRO at brushing my teeth.

3. I learned how to smile REALLY pretty in pictures. I should be a model.

4. I finally learned how to dress my self. I can officially say that i now know how to dress in style

5. I learned that i LOVE my brothers. (and my mom and dad) I really miss hanging out with them when i'm away

6. And finally, i learned that i LOVE COLLEGE!!!!! GO COUGS :)