Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We had a busy November.......starting with Blake and Andrew going to Pullman to visit Jacki for Dad's weekend. She is having a great year so far and it was fun for them to go and see her and spend time goofing off in Pullman. They went to a men's basketball game, the football game, WSU played UCLA (they got beat! no surprise there!), played ping pong in the good old institute building and generally had a great time. For days after Blake got home, he just kept talking about how nice it was to see Jacki and meet her friends. Heres a few pics.....

WSU's Marching band
The track where Jacki the summer. They have an indoor track too! (Thank Heavens!)
What cute kids! Apparently it was freezing that day!! Jacki and Andrew gave up half way through the game and went to the Student Union building to play games while Blake watched the rest of the game.
Andrew and Jacki walking on campus!

Now Thanksgiving!!! It is always great to have our kids come home and spend the holidays with us. Jacki was home from WSU for the whole week and Nathan traveled home from BYU for the weekend. We ate lots of pies, watched movies, played football in the mud (not me, I just watched), and even did some hiking. All in all great fun!!!!

Here is Paige Mitchell, Andrew, Maureen and Jacki enjoying the view.


Here's the group.....Joel Mitchell, Andrew, Maureen Davison, Jacki, Nathan and Paige Mitchell. (James and didn't go, he had swim practice and homework and I played the organ for a friend's father's funeral) Blake took the picture.

And here is Nathan's friend, Maureen. She came home with him for Thanksgiving and here they are modeling their finds from Value Village (the local thrift shop!). She is only a friend, so don't anyone get their hopes up!

And finally, here is some of Blake's handy work. Our house was built around 1959, so our windows are very old and not very warm. Blake took on this HUGE project to put in new windows and it is happening one at a time. Here is the first one, the biggest too! From the time we bought our house, the seal was broke on this window, so it was always a little cloudy and you could't see out of it very well. Blake did a great job getting it all done, with lots of help from friends willing to lift heavy old windows around my precious tomato plants without hurting them.

The next window....the half bathroom. Now onto the bedroom windows, which will be tougher, since they are all set in brick. We are excited!