Saturday, February 5, 2011

Solo & Ensemble 2011

Andrew & James participated in the High School Solo & Ensemble competition today.... are a few video's.

Andrew, Janyll Antazo & Michael Chambers

Jordan Geier, James & Matt Pohl

First up.....the Perpetual Motion Squad (or PMS???) singing "April is in my mistress' face."

Next is one of Andrew's groups.....singing "Oh, Mistress".

Save Now

Here's another one of James' groups......"Viva Tuti".

There are a few more video's, but I'm tired and want to go to bed. (I will post some more tomorrow...though I know that the only people obligated to watch them are grandparents!) The good new's is that two of James' groups ( Viva Tuti and April) received FIRST PLACE and now are qualified to move onto the state competition. It will be held the end of April in Ellensburg, WA. So now we are making plans for that. Good job boys!