Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Washington DC

Okay, I know that Erik has been home for almost 6 weeks, but life has been busy here and I am full of more excuses.....oh well!! Picking up your son from his mission is a must, one that Blake and I don't ever want to miss. Meeting the people that your son has taught and shared the gospel with, hearing there testimonies and seeing their love for your son is something that warms my heart. I am so grateful that we have been able to pick up our sons, Nathan and Erik, we have really been blessed.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our trip, we had a blast even with all of the snow in DC.

Here we are, just minutes after seeing him for the first time!
I believe this is all of the spanish speaking missionaries in Erik's mission.
Getting ready to go into the temple with Erik. Beautiful temple grounds, even more beautiful temple. Erik considers this HIS temple now.

Celebrating Erik's birthday with David Flores and some of the members. The funny thing about this picture is that the door behind Erik is the bathroom door and Erik had just come out of it. David was so anxious about singing to Erik and showing him his cake that he had to follow Erik down to the bathroom. Erik was worried that no 'smell' would come out, it was hilarious! I tried to get David to wait, but he wouldn't have anything to do with that!
We were in DC with Erik for one week and every night we went to a different members house to eat dinner and meet with them. Here we are after dinner.
One of the great things we ate was papusas, an El Salvadorian stuffed tortilla. I loved them, so I had Sis. Flores teach me how to make them. On Sunday afternoon, after church, we had our cooking lesson. I haven't tried to make them yet here at home, but am anxious to try making them. You take corn dough and stuff it with meat and cheese, then fry them up and eat them with a cabbage slaw, DELICOUS!!!!!

I look perplexed, who knows why.....I just wanted you to see the apron Sis. Flores gave me to wear. Everyone there thought it was great that I was trying to learn how to cook.

We loved these statues of Lincoln, he is one of Blake's personal hero's.

Blake and I at the Lincoln Memorial. Very inspiring as you read his words etched on the walls and feel the spirit there.

Here is the Washington Monument. Notice the flags and how they are standing at was a VERY windy day!

A few days before we arrived in DC, they were slammed with tons of snow. The piles on the side of the road were humongous and everything was frozen. Here is Blake and Erik standing on the frozen reflecting pool, we actually walked from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial on the frozen pond, as it was easier going than on the slushy, messy sidewalks. It was also the closest Erik had been to open water in two years.
Blake at the Capital.
And we are at the DC Temple visitors center. We have lots more pictures, but don't want to bore you to death. Needless to say we had a fabulous trip and are so grateful for our son Erik. He served a wonderful mission, he gained a testimony of our Savior and of his ministry and we are so proud of him and his efforts.

Two boys down, two to go....(with possibly a daughter serving also!)

(Disclaimer: I spent an hour trying to fix the the alignment of the paragraphs, got REALLY frustrated and decided to just leave it alone. If anyone has any ideas for me, please send them my way, because I can't seem to figure out the stupid thing!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Time

For the first time in four loooonnnng years, our family was together. Nathan left on his mission in February of 2006 and came home in March of 2008. Erik left on his mission in February of 2008 (three weeks before Nathan came home!) and just got home last week. So we had them together for the first time this last weekend and it was great!!! It is amazing to me to see how they have all grown and matured and have begun their own lives, separate from Blake and I. One of the things that I loved the most is seeing how they interact with one another......and I don't have to act as referee anymore!!!!! (or at least not very often!) On the first day that Erik was home, he and James were switching bedrooms down in the basement. Erik came up stairs and told me that he thought James had really matured and that they were going to get along a lot better now. I told him that "Yes, James has matured, but so have you!" Can I just state for the record, that I love my kids and am so very proud of all of their accomplishments.

Okay done with the mushy stuff.........Here are some pictures we took on Sunday afternoon.....I have to say that I think I have a very handsome family....even in all of their goofiness!!!
(Thanks Maureen for taking such great pictures, I know we were hard to work with!!!)

Father and sons!
I think this is one of the best pictures Blake has even taken! I love this man!

Nathan.....missing the Northwest?

Don't know who the lady with the stroller is, but had to show off my beautiful daughter!
This is the funniest picture because these two really do get along the best and rarely fight!
Notice Andrew's 'zoolander' face?

These two are the biggest goof-off's of the family!
.....skipping, skipping.....

I told them all to hold hands....things got a little bit crazy!
...hand squeezing.... rover?....

Family Time #2

Here are some more pictures. I know you can have too much of a good thing, but I just couldn't decide which goofy pictures to put in, so you get a lot of them. This is mostly for our parents, they love their grandkids no matter what. Right??

YES, she is still the princess of the kingdom!!!

No they are NOT 'flippin' the bird', they just like to pretend they are. The extra cute young lady there is Nathan's girl friend, Maureen.

And is where it all started. Hard to believe it has been 26 years since we began dating and started this whole group! We love our children, each one is unique and brings us such joy and entertainment! We couldn't ask for anything better, except of course, for some even cuter grandkids some day! (Blake looks unhappy, he wasn't....the sun was breaking through the clouds and he was looking into it.....thus the scowl!!! I love that man!)