Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hill

Erik & Danielle's wedding day was a beautiful day! We loved being together with all of our children and Danielle's family as we celebrated their marriage for Time and All Eternity!

Welcome to the family..... Danielle.

With the Proud parents!!!

Danielle & Bridger

The Pettis Family

The whole family group!

Danielle & Maliah

The Hill Men!

The Hill Ladies!


They were so happy....smiles and laughter are the best!!!

Cutting the cake! (Look at how excited Erik is.....)

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He restrained himself.........

I really thought she was going to smash it.....but no!

Some of the Delicious Desserts!!

Visiting with Grandma Olsen

Our Eagle Scout Sons!

One goal of our family has been that all four of our sons earn and receive their Eagle Scout awards. Each of the boys worked on scouting through out their Junior High and into their High School years, some with more encouragement (or nagging) than others. Andrew is proud to be the last recipient of the Eagle Scout award, AND..............he is also the youngest to earn it!! His goal was to be done before he turned 16 so that he could get his driver's license (the rule in our house was Eagle earned before driver's license..so needless to say some of the boys didn't drive until they were very close to 18). Congratulations Andrew on a job well done!!!

This statue was donated to the Manette Ward by a former member, John Kershaw. It will be permanently displayed in the Scout room of our church building.

The PROUD Father!!!

The family....we are a happy bunch!