Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sending off our missionaries!!

I know it's been several months since I posted anything,'s a quick re-cap of the last six months.  
  • Andrew began the new year as an only child. He doesn't know if he likes it, it can be pretty lonely around here, but I think he is getting used to it.  I, on the other hand, DO miss having my kids around, but I don't miss the messes.  I love how clean the house can stay!!!!
  • Erik & Danielle moved to Rexburg, Idaho to attend BYU-I.  Danielle carried a 4.0 her first semester. They both enrolled in spring semester and are doing very well.  Loving being married!!
  • In February we got the great news that Blake and I are going to be grandparents!  Nathan and Maureen are expecting their first little girl next October and we ARE SO EXCITED!!!  
  • On February 1st, James received his mission call to the Chile Rancagua mission.  
  • On March 1st, Jacki received her mission call to the Florida Tampa mission, Spanish speaking.  Needless to say we are very proud parents (Blake even more so, as 3 out of the 5 kids have gone spanish speaking.  Andrew decided after all of this to take French next year!  haha)  
  • James finished at BYU in April.  Blake picked him up and they met Nathan and Maureen in Zion's National Park for a quick overnight hiking trip before heading back to Washington to get James ready. He worked for a moving company and did yard work for friends, plus spent some serious time 'playing' with all of his high school buddies.  
  • Andrew participated in the high school's production of "The King and I".  He played the part of Louis and had a great time!  I helped with the advertising and programs, and lots of dress rehearsals.  
  • At the beginning of May, Jacki finished up her senior year at WSU.  Blake and I attended a Senior Awards banquet with her, then loaded up the van with all of her things and brought her home to stay for a few weeks and get ready for her mission.  She is 2 classes short of graduation, and will return to WSU when she completes her mission.  She went straight to work again for the YMCA Preschool until she left for the MTC.
  • Nathan and Maureen decided to make a HUGE move and are now living in Vermont.  They came to Bremerton to visit for a few weeks and just completed their 7 day cross-country trip across the United States.  We are excited for them to begin this new phase in their lives and are happy they get to live so close to Maureen's family! 

So......this brings us to June 10th.  Jacki and James had a combined mission farewell and we had all of the kids home for 48 hours (and my parents, my sister Kathy, Blake's Mom and sister Nancy and brother Mark, plus Rosie the dog...a full house!!!) And of course, I had to make them all dress up so we could take some family pictures.  A good friend and fabulous photographer took these for us.....I think I have some pretty handsome and beautiful kids!!  

Nathan, James, Jacki, Andrew and Erik.....The Hill children are grown up now!

These two pictures are for our friends, the Connors.  I decided to be Sean in the second one!!  (And I don't think I look for attractive at all in the first one!)

And here are our two missionaries!  Jacki entered the MTC on June 13th and James followed her a week later on the 20th.  They are enjoying themselves and working hard.  Both have already sent home requests of things they need sent to them.  It never ends....

Doin' the 'Cat Daddy'!  

Danielle & Erik

Maureen and Nathan (with my grand daughter starting to grow!!)

Handsome Hill Men.  Pretty soon Blake will be the shortest of the bunch!

And I saved the best for last.....The Hill Women.

Blake and I are so blessed to have such happy, wonderful children.  They are growing into such great men and women and it is fun to see what they are doing with their lives.  
We thank our Heavenly Father daily for each one of them!


  1. I totally agree with you, You have an Amazing family. Thanks for sharing all the good news and fun family pictures.

  2. The pictures turned out so good!